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How to assemble

These assembly instructions are for the TTS Standard and TTS HD only.  Assembly of the TTS TD varies slightly.  Please see instruction insert included with your TTS TD instructions or contact us to receive a duplicate copy via email.

Included in your purchase of the TTS:

  • Part A is the Hitch Mount
  • Part B is the Pivot Arm
  • Part C is the TV Support Arm

Also included are 2 bolts, 2 washers, and 2 nuts to be used to attach your flat-screen TV wall mounting bracket. 

Items needed for full and complete assembly that are not included with your purchase are:

  1. 2” hitch receiver
  2. 5/8” hitch pin
  3. Flat-screen wall mounting bracket designed for the flat screen TV you will be attaching to the TTS



  1. If attaching to a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), determine if the rear cargo door will be open or closed while the TTS is in use.  You cannot open or close the rear cargo door while the TTS is attached.  After you have positioned the rear cargo door you may begin to assemble the TTS. *Note:  If attaching to a truck, the tailgate must be closed.
  2. Insert Part A into the vehicle’s 2” hitch receiver
  3. Secure Part A with a 5/8” hitch pin.  Test Part A to make sure it is properly secured.
  4. Insert Part B's male bushing into the female bushing of part A.
  5. Connect Part C's female bushing to the opposite end of Part B's male bushing. 
  6. Insert 2 bolts attaching flat screen wall mounting bracket (not included) to Part C.  Secure bolts with nuts. 
    *Note:  This step can be completed before or after Step 5. 


  • ALWAYS use hitch pin when attaching the TTS to a vehicle
  • ALWAYS test the security of the mounting bracket to the TTS TV Support Arm
  • ALWAYS use the TV support arm or the pivot arm to rotate your TTS
  • DO NOT attempt to rotate the TTS using your TV or your mounting bracket
  • ALWAYS make sure you have adequate clearance from your vehicle before rotating the TTS
  • Rotation may be limited with a TV larger than 32”
  • DO NOT mount anything over 40 pounds to the TTS or 70 pounts to the TTS HD
  • DO NOT use if wall mounting bracket, hitch receiver, hitch pin or TTS are damaged
  • DO NOT sit, stand or lean on the TTS
  • DO NOT open SUV rear cargo door if TTS has been attached with the door closed
  • DO NOT close SUV rear cargo door if TTS has been attached with the door open
  • DO NOT open truck tailgate when TTS is attached
  • NEVER drive with TTS or television mounted to your vehicle

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