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                                         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


Can I drive with the Tailgate TV Stand (TTS) attached to my vehicle?

No, never drive with the TTS attached.

Does the TTS mount to a hitch receiver ?

Yes, you must have a 2" hitch receiver.  If your hitch receiver is not 2", an adapter may be purchased to allow use of the TTS.

Does the Tailgate TV Stand come in any other colors?

It only comes in black at this time.  Personalize your stand with your team logos.

Will the Tailgate TV Stand it fit any size TV?

Bigger is better, right?! The stand was designed for 360 degree rotation with a 32" TV.  The ability to rotate your TV with the swinging arm will be limited if you TV is larger than 32", but the stand will hold bigger TV's.

How much weight will the TTS hold?

The Standard model will hold up to 40 pounds.  The Heavy Duty (HD) model and Tailgate Down (TD model) are made with heavier gauge tubing and will hold up to 70 pounds.

What kind of TV mounting bracket works best with the TTS?

Any bracket that is universal or made specifically for your TV that attaches to the stand with a center hole mounting screw. This provides the necessary balance for the TV and stand.  We prefer low profile brackets that have a fastener that holds the two pieces of the mounting bracket together for maximum security.

Should I attach the mounting bracket to the TV and TTS before arriving at my tailgate?

For the quickest assembly at your tailgate we recommend attaching that bracket to your TV and stand.  However, you can wait until you get to your tailgating location.  The stand uses the least amount of your cargo storage space when the bracket not attached.

Why were Velcro straps included in with my TTS?

Velcro straps were included to secure your cables and cords so they will be out of the way and make your set up look better.

Why was super lube included in with my TTS?

Super lube was included because the aluminum bushings need to be lubricated periodically.  We recommend you lubricate the bushings after 3-4 uses and before and after storing for long periods of time.

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